City Edition Studio


City Edition Studio is a graphic design and typography practice established in Bristol in 2010 by Jono Lewarne with an intention to pursue a collaborative approach to graphic design with clients and other practitioners. The studio has been based at Spike Island in a former bathroom since 2012.


City Edition Studio does occasionally work alongside recent graduates on projects that have sufficient budget to cover their role. Unpaid internships are not offered as it is an unethical and unhealthy practice. If project circumstances permit, assistants are brought in for the duration of the project; from initial concepts through to finished outcomes. Due to this requirement, being located in or being able to travel to Bristol is advantageous. Apologies to foreign students looking for long-term, unpaid positions as this is not a feasible working arrangement.


The Ladies' Room
Spike Island
133 Cumberland Road
Bristol, BS1 6UX

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